Command a swarm of cute bees as they grow & defend flowers against an army of hungry bugs.

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You are The Queen, with the power to change color. You can Buzz to get the bees’ attention, and Zig to tell them where to go!

The Bees can collect pollen, then bring it to the same color flower to make new bees!

Lord Mothmer & the army of Hungry Bugs try to attack your flowers. Defend them while keeping your hive huge & healthy!

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How to play

$7.99 NOW FREE

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Command a swarm

.. of cute bees as they grow & defend flowers against an army of hungry bugs.

You control the Queen, buzzing near bees to select them, drawing zig-zag lines through the air for the bees to follow. Help the meadow bloom by bringing pollen to flowers, making new bees, and always – protecting the hive from the evil, nosy Lord Mothmer and his bug minions!

Unstung will make you feel like a really busy queen bee! You’ll be buzzing and zigging all around the meadow to keep your little bees working. There are many ways to play – you could collect a huge swarm of hundreds of bees, and zoom around eliminating bugs – or you could set up a busy network of pollination to keep your flowers in tip-top shape!

Well, what are you waiting for – the bees need you! Get Unstung for Oculus Quest now ยป

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Questions & Answers

How can I get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Install & play!


What’s included in the game?

The game takes place in a single world that changes over 4 levels. Each level has 3 stages that vary the amount of enemies and the routes they take to attack your home flower. You control 3 types of bee with different stats & attacks, defending against 2 types of bugs (with 1 evil boss that just watches you), and different play styles are neccessary to survive. There are several combinations of flowers and bees available, so some strategy is required. There are several ways to play – so get creative!

The expected play time is 30 minutes for an advanced gamer, or up to 4 hours for people who are less experienced, or who enjoy trying different types of gameplay.

The game is built to handle up to 300 bees and 200 enemies; can you imagine having that many insects flying around you in VR?


Who is the game aimed at?

Unstung is for people who enjoy light-hearted, colorful action similar to Nintendo games, casual strategy games like tower defense, and maybe an interest in bees or other cute animals and characters. This game may remind you of Moss, Pikmin, Hollow Knight or A Bug’s Life – but it’s really, really unique.

If you are new to VR, you will find this game very easy to learn, and it shows off the magic of Virtual Reality very well. This game will make a great experience to show your friends and family.

If you have been around VR for a long time (like me), then you will find that Unstung fills a gap with its unique controls and extremely tight, spatial gameplay. You might even wonder why it took this long for a character-based RTS-lite to be made. It’s the developer’s secret wish that Unstung becomes a staple in the VR catalog.


Who made this game?

Unstung is made by Shaun Norton at Neomajika Games. This is a solo, independent developer from Melbourne Australia, working exclusively on casual VR titles, with a focus on magical, character-driven worlds, and interactions that are only possible in VR.